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Jun 17, 2018

"Conspiracies Declassified w author Brian Dunning" discusses the brand new book out from Skeptoid Podcast's creator Brian Dunning as he provides a rational opinion regarding some widely-held conspiracy theories.

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We discuss, in this order. The Denver Airport Conspiracy~The Bilderberg Conference~Rothschilds~Fema Prison Camps~The Branch Davidian Event~Fear of Vaccines~Elvis~JFK~Tupac~Pearl Harbor (Did We Know Beforehand?)~911~Tesla, Man of Mystery~The Flat Earth Theory Today~Do Aliens Exist and Have They Been Here?~Urban Legends, Hearst & Hemp~MH370~NY Flight 800 Shot Down?~and Brian reveals one of the 5 conspiracy theories proven TRUE in Chapter 8- Numbers Stations- A Spy Network? Proven True.....

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